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Supply Chain Management: The Future of Automated Freight Shipping Technology Industries.


Supply Chain Management: The Future of Automated Freight Shipping Technology Industries

Artificial intelligence and automated technology are probably the most appealing breakthroughs across practically every market. Inside the freight shipping business, automated shipping technology and artificial intelligence are also likely going to play a substantial role in future of supply chain management. Most it isn’t in frequent use, but there are new shipping technologies being developed and evaluated on a regular basis for freight transportation. Will it change in the future? Will automated trucks and artificial intelligence operate the entire business?

Well, with regards to technology and supply chain management operations, no one really knows where the next few years will take the freight shipping business. There are, however, a couple likely tendencies to watch out for. Mostly shipping technology like self-driving trucks, drone delivery, automated freight ports, and artificial intelligence streamlining supply chain management shipping software are trends that will become prominent.

Automating Freight Trucks

More money can be devoted to other supply chain management needs, because freight shipping businesses could substantially reduce costs with this technology. This is one freight shipping technology a lot of people are aware of, because it’s been in the news quite a lot. These trucks already exist, and they have been tested, but there is still a great deal to do to enhance them. This shipping technology could mean bad news for the trucking jobs in this country, however, so that’s a common concern. Automated freight shipping trucks are still in development, though, even though they have been tested. They’re still not close to being the predominant way to ship freight, but they’re among the closest shipping technologies to widespread implementation.

Drone Delivery

In practically every regard, drone technology has taken off in popularity. The market is considering the use of drones in delivery systems for air freight transportation. A significant basis for the interest in freight drone delivery is for remote and hard to access areas. Air based freight shipping technology like drones can make last mile delivery easier when it’s difficult to access places by road. Obviously, this isn’t an effective international or long-distance mode of delivery, but it could be quite helpful for local transportation. Amazon, alternatively, wants to use this shipping technology for a bigger percentage of its parcel shipping and ecommerce transportation than the freight shipping industry does. By improving speed and expediting delivery it could improve supply chain management.

Freight Port Automation

A primary concern with many of these automated shipping technologies is job loss. While that is a concern, automated freight ports can also increase effectiveness and minimize safety issues. Shipping software can automatically run a great deal of the machines and vehicles involved in freight port operations. There’s potential to decrease errors and risk of moving freight in ports with automated technology. It’s less reported on than automated trucks, but there are ports that already make use of machines almost entirely operated by software. The automated shipping technology and artificial intelligence at ports means fewer employees put themselves in dangerous positions, like climbing on freight containers and getting in the way of effective cranes.

Supply Chain Management with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to run automated shipping technology and machinery, but it’s also utilized in other ways. Shipping software and management systems are also being automated. There is shipping software capable of gathering data and running analytics totally by itself and making changes to supply chain management. To streamline supply chains, software can automatically choose carriers and book shipments. Advanced software that is prepared to monitor performance and analyze shipping data offers vital information to improve supply chain and freight shipping procedures.

Supply Chain Management: The Future of Automated Freight Shipping Technology Industries

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