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Creating viability and proof of the value achieved by the ClearView transportation suite is a responsibility we take seriously. In this section, we explain a quantifiable and defined method of achieving a return on investment (ROI).

Why ClearView is positioned to Disrupt the TMS marketplace

The transportation management shipping software industry has been slow to innovate for the last 20 years. The biggest change in the last decade has been the evolution of the SaaS model by offering cloud-based TMS systems instead of implemented in the shipper’s data center.

The second biggest change has been the addition of real-time rating from carriers through web services connections. The biggest risk in this method has been the in ability to get rates from regional carriers without strong technology.

We have recognized those deficiencies in the market, so we have striven to improve upon those functions by creating an advanced system architecture and a better user interface. Fueled with this foundation, the ClearView TMS has been able to increase the efficiency and flexibility of the system with better integration to ERP systems and real-time rating from freight carriers.

ClearView innovation is:

  • System Architecture – ClearView’s system is built upon Open Source programming on the same framework of highly successful web-based software companies. This allows ClearView to quickly build functionality and to update systems without disruption. Scalability is limited only by the hardware running the application. Amazon.com provides enormous hardware availability through state-of-the-art cloud facilities.
  • Platform commingles TMS and Audit – Traditional approaches to the marketplace typically use a TMS supplier and a freight audit & pay vendor that separate the transportation supply chain instead of promoting its synergy. With the ClearView integration of these functional areas, the combined benefit surpasses the old way of building the transportation supply chain.
  • Real-time Carrier Connections – Both the shipper and the carrier can benefit from the ability to connect in real time. For each rate request that is made, a real-time API web connection to the carrier rating system is used to obtain the most recent quotation for that load. You can benefit by taking advantage of spot and volume quotes from the carrier. Your carrier can benefit by offering flexible rates dependent on the allocation of resources.
  • User Interface – Most user interfaces in the TMS market have been designed and used over the last 10-15 years without upgrades to the latest ergonomic and efficient user experiences. ClearView has built the interface after the look and feel of the most successful user interfaces in the application software market over the last 5 years, which accelerates user training and reduces user fatigue.
  • System Integration – Transportation management systems cannot operate separately from the enterprise supply chain. It must seamlessly connect with unfailing confidence to the transportation and logistics supply chain, one of the most critical parts of most businesses. With ClearView connectivity can be achieved in a matter of days instead of weeks through more advanced tools and methods.

Industry Best Practices in Transportation Optimization

Optimization of a transportation supply chain can be a difficult task depending on your network of locations, modes, volumes, and timing. In order improve your cost we distill the transportation cost segments down to the simplest illustration. Advanced cost saving strategy and tactics such as pool points, merge in transit, private fleets and more will be left for another discussion.

The three most basic components of transportation cost are Shipment Execution, Carrier Rates and post-shipment Audit and Analytics.


  1. Carrier Rating Commitments – One of the most influential and dominating costs of transportation is the rating agreements you have in place with your carriers. It is paramount that you optimize and compare to other carriers with similar freight characteristics to get the best rating and performance.
  2. Shipment Planning and Execution – The second most important cost contributor is the process and labor in planning the most efficient way to complete shipment transactions with the right carrier. This involves quickly and efficiently deciding mode selection, carrier selection, and timing constraints.
  3. Post Shipment Data and Audit – The third source of higher cost is the lack of adequate data analysis to properly reconcile carrier invoices. Clear and complete post-ship data analysis also serves to help you attain better rates and improve the Analytics in the carrier negotiation process.

Best Opportunities to Achieve transportation cost savings

The fastest path to savings is implementing a cutting edge transportation management system that will consistently and quickly assist the shipper in choosing the best mode and carrier for the shipping profile.

A TMS will execute the right carrier at the right time for the best performance through these steps:

  • Planning – Combine multiple orders to the shipments, rate shopping between carriers, combine loads to build full trucks, and design custom business rules. Proper planning of the shipment will also allow for selection of the carrier in the morning for pickup later in the afternoon.
  • Shipping – The real-time TMS shipping software today can rate and book shipments directly with the carriers, eliminating the manual booking processes. With electronic freight, pro numbers can be generated to circumvent the old way of manual bar-coding, allowing for easy tracking and tracing while in transit.
  • Visibility – With the real-time system, the already-established communication links with the carrier are extended into the visibility functionality providing for in-transit track and trace, along with proof of delivery information.
  • Analytics – All of the shipping data used to plan and create the shipment is now available to you to improve your freight shipping processes.



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