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Software Transportation Management. ClearViewTMS Ranked Among The Top Transportation Management Software Systems.

Transportation Management Software

Transportation management software lowers shipping costs through reducing shipping labor and production times, and more efficiently uses the best carriers and modes for each shipment. We at ClearView continue to use this cost-saving objective as we build the next generation of cloud-based transportation management systems with integrated audit, settlement, and analytics, uniquely called the Transportation Supply Chain.

ClearView delivers the next generation of transportation management system shipping software with a platform using real-time direct connections between the shipper and carriers, resulting in the cheaper shipping costs. These real-time connections provide many advantages over storing rates in tables. Consequently, ClearView outperforms the old legacy TMS methods of static rating tables in several different ways.

ClearView Advantages

Here is how ClearView is changing the TMS marketplace:

  1. Real-time Connections – Web-based API connects directly to carriers to provide better rating in dynamic LTL and TL markets where table-based rating requires complex setups and time to replicate the carrier’s rating method. Parcel API transactions benefit by avoiding the technical maintenance needed to stay current with your carrier-discounted rates either after the annual GRI or revenue band discount management.
  2. Integration of All Major Modes – Supported by a powerful and flexible architecture, the system supports multiple modes of transportation to include parcel, LTL, and TL freight. Simultaneous requests to multiple carriers can be made in sub-second speeds through multiple processing threads by using the most current carrier rating data.
  3. Execution with Post Audit – Planning, execution, visibility, audit, and analytics for both inbound and outbound shipments are all on the same platform. The application builds synergy between these most important nodes of the transportation workflow. Legacy TMS systems do not provide the same depth of freight audit and pay functionality.
  4. Ease of Integration – We know that integration with your existing supply chain practices is paramount to becoming a meaningful partner, so we have developed our own integration mapping tools to allow for supply chain execution convergence with easy connections for the most complex supply chain operations.
  5. Ease of Use – The ClearView user interface has been designed to bring the same look and feel of contemporary applications found on the web today, which will reduce training time and promote an intuitive operation with fewer errors.
  6. Advanced System Architecture – The ClearView transportation suite has been built using the most advanced open-source software templates and tools available today, offering substantial benefits over older systems. You can perform enhancements and personalization in a fraction of the time, upgrades have minimal disruptions to the core system, and interfacing with other systems has been simplified.

ClearView TMS

ClearView is one of the only TMS software products on the market today that can process all modes of parcel, LTL, and TL on one innovative platform using a real-time rating method on top of a freight audit and pay software system. Here are some of the benefits:

  • All parcel carriers—UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, On-Trac, and more
  • Direct connection to carriers in all modes—parcel, LTL, and TL
  • With direct connection to LTL carriers, there is no limit on how many carriers you can add to the transportation management system
  • Truck load shipments can be planned, tendered, awarded, and booked with complete automation either through carriers or brokers
  • In addition to the direct carrier connections via web API methods, ClearView TMS software supports additional legacy carrier rating methods and Czarlite base rates
  • TMS shipping software has load planning tools to consolidate and merge LTL loads into multi-stop truck loads, and combine orders into single shipments
  • Generate optimized routing of the multi-stop LTL or TL plans
  • Inbound execution and control tower visibility with vendor facing portal or route for the vendor
  • Reverse logistics for product returns
  • Rate shop between modes (parcel and LTL) and shop between carriers on demand
  • Track in-transit shipments through EDI or carrier web connections
  • Address correction and residential indicator database integrated with shipment execution
  • Execute parcel and LTL shipping through scanning methods without a keyboard or mouse
  • International shipping compliance with documentation management
  • Use the TMS software system as a production sever (black box) without user interface
  • Material handling interfaces for print-and-apply parcel shipping
  • Integrate with all commonly used peripherals like scales, scanners, and printers
  • Personalize labels, packing lists, and BOL with ClearView TMS software
  • Enterprise-level security methods, like Active Directory
  • TMS software system scales automatically to unlimited processing bandwidth
  • Track carrier performance metrics with real-time use of data and analytics
  • Supply chain convergence accomplished through advanced integration
  • Easily search different indexed data like order, BOL, purchase order, etc.
  • Create visible metrics in the ClearView dashboard
  • Configure business logic for pre-processing of orders
  • Set it up to notify you of when and why optimal selections were not used
  • Create unique views with user screen configurations
  • Dynamic shipping rules change based on changing variables
Transportation Management Software. Top Transportation Management Software Systems.

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