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Freight Audit and Payment

Not all auditing software and service companies are created equally.

In fact, the marketplace abounds with legacy systems that do not provide complete visibility or connectivity to the audit component of the transportation supply chain.

Shippers have used outside transportation auditing providers for several decades, because the value these providers deliver is highly measurable.

Most accounts payable departments of shipping companies do not have the experience or expertise to understand the details of the carrier invoice and discern errors in its accuracy. Therefore, the expertise of freight auditing services can not only save time, labor, and money, but it can also provide the shipping data in a way that will support transportation improvements during the shipping execution process.

Here are some of the most pronounced cost-saving functional processes providing the shipper maximum value in the freight audit process:

  1. Invoice Processing Cost – It costs between $5 and $20 for most shippers to process a freight invoice. Freight auditing companies can do the same transaction for well under the shipper’s cost because of the economies of scale, automated systems, and experienced invoice auditors that better understand the freight carrier marketplace.
  2. Data Integrity and Visibility – Freight auditing gathers all invoices and communication from the carrier in both digital and paper media. All data is then made available in a single database that can then be indexed and processed together, giving increased visibility to the shipper at any point during the audit process.
  3. Find and Correct Disputed Invoices – Because the ClearView’s freight auditing is constantly working with many of the same carriers across all shippers, disputes are resolved quickly and efficiently compared to the common shipper experience. The status of every invoice dispute and claim is available to the client at any time through the ClearView web portal.
  4. Payment Process Visibility –Delegating the carrier payment processing to ClearView saves the shipper even more. With advanced web based access the shipper should always be able to see what is being accrued, paid, and the status of every disputed invoice and claim.
  5. Data Analytics – With all of the critical transportation pricing, performance, and payment information already resident in the ClearView database, the use of shipping data analytics, dashboards, and advanced analysis can be done for the shipper so that meaningful and substantial decisions can be made regarding transportation and supply chain improvements. These analytics are available to the customer at any time.
  6. Improve Shipping Execution Function – ClearView has the ability to use freight audit data to directly feed the shipping execution that is done by the Transportation Management System. Armed with this data, ClearView’s transportation management module can constantly improve the ability to choose the most optimal carrier per shipment request. This is a tremendous advantage, and we are one of the few companies to provide both TMS shipping software and the auditing engine on the same platform.

The ClearView Advantages

Here’s how ClearView brings you more than your average transportation software:

  1. Real-Time Shipment Visibility – Using both the ClearView Transportation Management System and the freight auditing together allows for instant control tower visibility of shipment data to be available to the audit analytics. Most other third party audit companies lack this capability, because there is no communication between the TMS and the audit engine. Most audit companies wait weeks for the carrier data before the shipment becomes visible in the system.
  2. Payment Visibility – All freight invoice processing is open and visible to the customer at all times through the ClearView web portal—there should never be a question unanswered on any invoice status.
  3. Executive Dashboard – A fully configurable dashboard allows the customer to see all of their data, resulting in real-time views into the day-to-day transportation operation. This allows the shipper to better manage shipment exceptions before the problems get too far downstream.
  4. Document Integration – Unfortunately, not all carriers are capable of sending EDI 210 electronic invoices for processing, so our document control system will scan, index, and store all documents digitally for easy customer searches and retrieval.
  5. Three Way Audit Process – ClearView can compare the carrier invoice to the original real-time carrier rate, as well as generating the carrier contracted rates which strengthens the invoice reconciliation.

Product Functionality Summary

Feature Set

  • Easy to navigate and search any BOL, manifest, invoice, or claim in the post-ship process
  • Can audit all modes: parcel, LTL, TL, ocean, inter-modal, air, and more
  • When using the ClearView TMS, shipment data is available in real time—no waiting on carrier data
  • Completely integrated single-view audit and bill payment to the carrier
  • All exceptions, claims, and recovery processes are embedded into the audit workflow
  • All manual claims and disputes are professionally managed by our auditors and operations staff
  • Extensive EDI capability and enhancements increase carrier invoice delivery and visibility
  • Connectivity with the shipper’s internal accounting systems to update accruals and payments
  • Discovery and elimination of repetitive carrier billing errors
  • Ability to user-audit data to improve carrier contract negotiations achieving better rates
  • Advanced system architecture allows for easier personalization and better performance
  • Analyze freight invoices quickly and accurately with lower cost
Freight Audit Software System. Freight Audit and Payment Companies. Freight Bill Audit.

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