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Carrier Relationship Management. Carrier Contract Negotiation Consulting.

Carrier Relationship Management

One of the greatest opportunities to cut shipping costs is to attain better discounted carrier pricing. Our ClearView auditing staff understands how pricing is formulated by the carrier. We package the shipper’s RFP to the carrier to be consistent with the metrics that carriers need resulting in the best carrier pricing possible.

Carrier contract negotiation consulting services have proven to save our customers 10-20% annually. ClearView quickly assesses the competitiveness of the shipper’s current rates and then works to achieve the best possible rates with the customer’s unique freight shipping needs.

Few companies understand that many options are available to them in their search for additional carriers eager to provide more efficient services at better rates. Transportation rates are calculated easily by a multitude of complex formulas that carriers use to their advantage in contract negotiations with the shipper.

To help our clients achieve an optimal price-versus-service mix, ClearView’s carrier optimization service assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each carrier and identifies the best shipping options for each freight shipment. Because we have been working with national, regional, and local freight carriers for more than 12 years, we know the options available in each local market.

Reasons why ClearView exceeds the marketplace norm:

  1. Carrier Knowledge Base – ClearView has the experience and knowledge to quickly assess the customer’s current rating position compared to similar industry and volume.
  2. Load Profiling Expertise – Attaining the most optimal rate from the carrier involves providing the carrier with all of the load characteristics, locations, lanes, and transit times when doing the RFP.
  3. RFP Automation – ClearView has applied substantial technology benefits to the carrier RFP process to achieve the best rate possible.
  4. Customer Personalization – Every customer has a unique set of shipping characteristics that are acquired and used in the carrier negotiation process, producing the best results for those unique characteristics.

Feature Set

  • Experience with parcel, LTL, and TL carriers rate negotiations
  • In-depth knowledge regarding agreement terms and conditions of the top parcel providers
  • Extensive experience with achieving extraordinary rating results with LTL and TL carriers
  • Use the ClearView audit module carrier to monitor compliance and real-time updates of savings in new rating contracts
  • Transportation strategic planning is also offered in the contract process to assess origin/destination, network topology, and mode to best fit achieving the optimal result
Carrier Relationship Management. Carrier Contract Negotiation Consulting.

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