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Company Origin

The company was started in 2012 with the objective of building the next generation of transportation management system and auditing software. The founders were using the market leading TMS shipping software at the time to run their third-party logistics (3PL) brokerage business and believed that there was much to be desired in all aspects of transportation management system technology to better meet needs of freight shipping businesses and their logistics management and supply chain optimization goals.

After the introduction of the business plan to web savvy application technology developers, they also agreed that the TMS market seem behind the times in terms of shipping technology. Most other cloud based transportation management system verticals had better system performance, integration tools, real time rating, user interfaces, and workflow. The company started the product framework to build the next generation of transportation management system shipping software products that could be considered freight shipping and logistics management industry leaders.

The underlying premise of the company was to bring all the common components of the transportation industry like planning, execution, visibility, freight auditing and payment, brokerage and shipping data and analytics to run on the same platform, unlike most shipping software companies today that specialize in only a small piece of the logistics management required for the overall supply chain.

The resulting product foundation was termed the “Transportation Supply Chain” because it could bring all the transportation management segments together on one system and be easily integrated with the customer’s existing shipping software and logistics management operations. The transportation management system was designed to bring together all parties involved in freight shipping, as well as integrate all shipping technology shippers need for supply chain optimization in one central location that was easily accessible from everywhere.


ClearView Vision

Our vision is to continue to integrate most of the software functionality into a single transportation management system that will add customer value beyond the legacy TMS systems that are still being sold today.

By using the increasing speed and functionality of the web, ClearView’s transportation cloud computing is enhanced with direct connections to carriers and trading partners combining real-time rating, capacity, and visibility beyond today’s TMS standards.

ClearView mission is to expand logistics management capabilities and reduce freight shipping costs for our customers and carriers so they continue to enhance their businesses with the best transportation management software found anywhere.

ClearView has customers in production using this Transportation Supply Chain, the market has validated the extraordinary value that is gained through the combination of both execution and post shipment audit analytics.


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